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Often we can fall into the trap of thinking that “everyone else has it all together”, or that you have to be on the brink of a ‘breakdown’ to seek help from a professional. Though it may feel like you are alone in your battles, many other people have been through the same things and have used professional help to support them on the journey to a more satisfying, harmonious and happier life.  There is no shame in wanting a better life, and it takes real courage to face your problems and fears, and seek help.


“The most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship you have with yourself.”
~ Diane Von Furstenberg


Common reasons for seeking help with us

  • Feeling like you’re constantly stressed or overwhelmed with anxiety or panic, and it’s interfering with daily life
  • Feeling depressed, isolated, disconnected or disengaged from life, and things aren’t getting better
  • Experiencing intense emotional outbursts or lashing out at others, and it’s affecting your relationships
  • Frequent headaches or migraines or persistent bodily pain, that is worsening and you’ve “tried everything” without success
  • You’re wellbeing or coping strategies are creaking under the strain, and you need someone to talk to gain clarity




Our team at Breathe Holistic Health is committed to helping empower you to make more meaningful and healthier choices that help you live the life you want! To discover more about our services, click on the services listed above or select from the services drop down menu.  If you’d like a bit more information, you can talk to one of our friendly team members by calling 0499 350 782



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